hazzan Diana Brewer was ordained through the aleph ordination program. she leads prayer services regularly at the jewish community of amherst, and is on the staff of the davvenen leadership training institute.

Omer Day 21 מלכות שבתפארת Malchut SheBeTiferet

Actualization. Reality. Selfitude. Sovereignty within Beauty. Heart. Harmony. Balance. Art. Glory.

How will you Actualize the dreams within your Heart today?  How will you revel in the Reality of Beauty? How will you experience your Selfitude within the Glory of All That Is? How will you practice Balanced Sovereignty?

Shabbat shalom. 

Omer Day 22 חסד שבנצח Chesed SheBeNetzach

Omer Day 20 יסוד שבתפארת Yesod SheBeTiferet