hazzan Diana Brewer was ordained through the aleph ordination program. she leads prayer services regularly at the jewish community of amherst, and is on the staff of the davvenen leadership training institute.

Omer Day 49 מלכות שבמלכות Malchut SheBeMalchut

Sovereignty within Reality within Actualization within Selfitude within Revealed Word within Reality within Shekhina within Sovereignty within Actualization within Reality...

Shabbat, June 7

Friends, I am delighted to say that this morning’s visit with the orthopedist went very well! A couple of very simple physical tests revealed immediately that my kiddo’s finger is healing as it should. It is a wonder to witness the Actualization of the principle that, given the opportunity, the body’s tendency is to heal. 

And yet, there is a Reality within this Reality. Isn’t there always? While the news is awesomely fantastic, it came along with the Revelation that she will need to keep the join immobilized full-time for two weeks longer than expected. In the span of a life, what’s 2 weeks, right? In the span and current trajectory of HER life, it is actually a pretty important couple of weeks that will be heavily impacted by this development. So she, not having the same worst case scenario in her consciousness about today’s visit that we had - the possibility that it might not heal at all - took it pretty hard. Like, HARD.

AND, this being a young woman possessed of an impressive amount of Selfitude, I knew it would not be too long before we started to see her rally. She’s like that. When it matters, she can always relocate her Selfitude within the Reality at hand.  This is why this kid is my hero.

How fitting that we came to this moment just in time for this culminating day. Sure, the Journey of the Finger is not yet complete. Sure, the Journey of the Omer holds WAY more Realities in it than the story of one Hazzan bumbling her way through this and that the best she can. And yet, I am struck once again by the phenomenon that, as I said early on in these 7 weeks, there is always some THING going on at this time that takes center stage and fills me with gratitude for having this very special lens through which to view IT; for this practice of counting and repairing little tiny tears in the fabric of the universe through bringing stitches of awareness to the rifts. 

This was my 4th year of this blogging practice, and the first year that I actually knew I would do it. Year 1 took me COMPLETELY by surprise. A voice came to me in my morning meditation on Day 1: “Do it in a blog.” Me: “What???” Voice: “Yes, do it in a blog.” Me: “OK.” 

Year 2, after having sworn I would never do that again, found me writing despite my clear intention, almost not knowing how the pen arrived in my hand. 

Coming into year 3, I thought, “I wonder if I’ll do that again...” 

This year, I went into it full speed ahead, and with all of my faculties about me. 

My hope in doing this is that at least one person may find something in these musings that makes a difference, even for just a moment. I thank you for joining me. It’s fun to know that you’re out there counting, reading, tending your garden in preparation for the Revelation and giving of the spiritual fruits that have been cultivated over these 49 days. 

May you be open to the Realities within Reality. May your Selfitude be both strong and supple enough to meet the Reality at hand with grace. May you rejoice in your special place within the Revealed Word surrounding you. May you find comfort and security in the Immanent and Transcendent Reality within and surrounding All that Is. 

Shabbat shalom v’chag sameach. 

Yom HaZikaron

Omer Day 48 יסוד שבמלכות Yesod SheBeMalchut