hazzan Diana Brewer was ordained through the aleph ordination program. she leads prayer services regularly at the jewish community of amherst, and is on the staff of the davvenen leadership training institute.

Omer Day 36 חסד שביסוד Chesed SheBiYsod

Love. Flow. Generosity. Enacted Kindness. Outreach within Foundation. Roots. Creation. Connection. 

This is the week of tapping into our Foundations, our Roots. Yesod is the generative energy of Creation. We remember those people and events that make up our Root systems, the Foundation upon which we stand. I like also to remember that I am part of the Root structures for others. I am a parent and a teacher. I am a spiritual leader in both public and intimate settings. 

For the most part, I tend conscientiously to my duties, enjoying the things that I do, and feel grateful for the opportunities I have. Every so often (as will be no surprise to those who know me), I start thinking too hard about my various roles, resulting in a small-to-medium-sized bout of vertigo at the sense of responsibility. That’s where the Chesed needs to come in. 

While Grounded in my Roots as I go about the Creative work of contributing to the Foundations of those I serve, I must ride the Flow of what comes through me. In short, I must be myself, and trust that those who have gone before me, laying the stones upon which I walk, have adequately equipped me for the task. Not only have they equipped me, they have entrusted me to pass on whatever it is I need to give away. 

When I need help, I Reach Out to the people that lovingly and Generously continue to build me from the Ground up. I tap into the Flow of the traditions and experiences from which I have grown since the time I was a tender sapling. 

Today, let us sink into our Roots. Let us feel the Flow of the sap rising to nourish us. Let us remember that the Love that Flows through us is enough as we continue with the honorable work of building others up. 

Shavua tov. 

Omer Day 37 גבורה שביסוד Gevurah SheBiYsod

Omer Day 35 מלכות שבהוד Malchut SheBeHod