hazzan Diana Brewer was ordained through the aleph ordination program. she leads prayer services regularly at the jewish community of amherst, and is on the staff of the davvenen leadership training institute.

Omer Day 34 יסוד שבהוד Yesod SheBeHod

Foundation. Roots. Connection. Creation within Receptivity. Gratitude. Awe. Space. Splendor. 

Thursday, May 23

Last night, another adolescent storm after several days of fair weather. Wow! This time I kept thinking, “Oh, my... I DON’T understand how you got to where you got...” Leaving me with the question, “What do you do when you DON’T understand how the one you need to support got to that place?” As I reflected upon the experience over the course of the day,  it struck me that Yesod SheBeHod is what you do. While I didn’t understand it in real time as we were navigating that particular storm, I came to understand that that was just what I did to ride it out, and help to bring our dear one back to safe harbor.

So, what exactly did you do??? I’ll get a little more specific. Entering a place of maximal Receptivity, sinking into my Roots, and striving to Connect. Even not understanding how this storm erupted - apparently we mere mortals are not wired for perfect compassion - I could pay attention, be Receptive to the signals she was sending out and to the signals that were coming from the Foundations of my intuition. 

At times, I wanted to give up, felt like I was out of ideas or energy for it (this was more than a quick squall). Not an option. Instead, the Hod function of the lungs took over, opening the Space to allow, to bring in more oxygen and another idea. Creative energy returned. Little by little my wife (truly a Foundation of my life!) and I worked together to bring that kiddo into her slip at the marina. The night ended peacefully.

What are these Roots, these Foundations of mine, you might wonder? In a very immediate sense, this daily writing practice is a clear part of it. I don’t do this every day of the year, but during these 49 days when, it seems, there is always some THING going on (last year, the dog...), having this journey through the sefirot as a lens through which to view my days Grounds me and opens me. It opens the Space for Connections to flow at a more rapid fire pace than usual. 

In a more meta sense, my Foundations come from my ongoing daily practices - prayer, meditation, deliberate human connection. These Connect me to Divinity, which enables Connection with others, and with myself and my own wisdom and intuition. These practices allow me to Connect in Gratitude with the many facets of my life. 

OK, that kind of sounds like a plug for Gevurah, but we all know that about me by now... In any case, all sefirot are operational at all times. That is simply a description of how Gevurah Connects me to Yesod SheBeHod. 

What are the Foundations you can rely on to help you Stay in a place of Receptivity? How does operating out of that Receptive place enable your Connection to your Foundations? 

Enjoy the exploration. 

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