hazzan Diana Brewer was ordained through the aleph ordination program. she leads prayer services regularly at the jewish community of amherst, and is on the staff of the davvenen leadership training institute.

Omer Day 32 נצח שבהוד Netzach SheBeHod

Endurance. Leadership. Will. Eternity. Day-to-Day. Action. Victory within Gratitude. Wow! Splendor. Receptivity. Humility. Space. Presence.

Tuesday, May 21

Tonight I am drawn to the way in which Netzach is Active, and I am drawn to the Gratitude of Hod. Today happened to be a particularly lovely day in many ways. The weather was extremely pleasant, things have been on an even keel at home, I got to teach one of my wonderful students, and on it goes. Just one of those days, in a sense we don’t usually use that phrase.

So, the million dollar question, as usual... How do these go together? What is it to be Active within Gratitude? I suppose they play off of each other. Inside a place of Gratitude, I am more likely to take positive Action in my life. Gratitude is a mighty powerful force, a Splendid place to be! Within Gratitude, I look forward to being an Active participant in my Day-to-Day. This is where the usual becomes extraordinary. Wow! Once attuned to Gratitude, I am more likely to look for it, to reach for it and Actively participate in Gratitude as a practice. 

This is a practice that takes and promotes Presence. It also takes Perseverance, when it’s the other variety of “just one of those days.” The practice of Actively staying within Gratitude can radically alter things, in my experience. I’m not talking about spiritual bypass. I gotta feel my feelings. No way around it. However, when I add a good dose of Gratitude to the mixture, things begin to morph and change in a way that I would be hard-pressed to explain. It takes effort, a bit of schvitz. Who wants to give Thanks when it’s hitting the fan? Not me, even knowing what I stand to gain. And yet, this is definitely a worthy exertion of the Will. Gratitude can help us Endure. It can encircle us as we walk the Long Haul.

May you dwell in Gratitude today. May you be an Active participant in establishing this dwelling. May your ability to be Present to the Wonder see you through the Day-to-Day. 

Omer Day 33 הוד שבהוד Hod SheBeHod aka Lag BaOmer

PS - a clarifying thought