Diana Brewer is a cantorial student in the aleph ordination program. she leads prayer services regularly at the jewish community of amherst.

Omer Day 44 גבורה שבמלכות Gevurah SheBeMalchut

Strength. Boundaries. Discipline. Structure. Restraint within Sovereignty. Indwelling Presence. Selfitude. Actualization. Reality.

I so much need the Strength found in being surrounded by Shechina (Indwelling Presence). My world is so topply right now. I always have a lot going on, but add dog and stir and, well, I need lots of Strength. 

I need the Discipline to reach out and experience that Reality, and the Strength to enact a new set of Boundaries for our canine friend that will lead to the Actualization of the peaceful household we want. (She and the kitty still have some issues to work out...) 

May you be blessed with the Strength you need to birth whatever new Reality awaits you. 

Omer Day 45 תפארת שבמלכות Tiferet SheBeMalchut

Omer Day 43 חסד שבמלכות Chesed SheBeMalchut