hazzan Diana Brewer was ordained through the aleph ordination program. she leads prayer services regularly at the jewish community of amherst, and is on the staff of the davvenen leadership training institute.

Day 45 תפרת שבמלכות

Tiferet SheBeMalchut. Beauty, Harmony, Balance, Compassion within Dignity, Sovereignty, Leadership.

It struck me over the last couple of days that there is a very fine line between Chesed and Gevurah, when approached from a certain angle. After I had completed my draft on Chesed SheBeMalchut, I realized a few hours later that much of what I had written actually applied to yesterday's post on Gevurah. I think of this as we explore Tiferet, once again, and what it looks like this week within Malchut. Tiferet is the place where Chesed and Gevurah Balance. Here the Love expressed through giving and service, and the love expressed through Structure and Discipline  meet to give us Compassion.

It is easy to swing like a pendulum from one extreme to another. It is harder to find the place in the middle, even though it is usually the place of greatest ease. We're familiar with "The Middle Path" and "The Path of Least Resistance." However, these require the allowance of a certain amount of gray area. Tiferet allows for this gray area. The Sovereign leading from a place of Tiferet has Compassion for those she leads, acknowledging it takes time to hit one's stride in any endeavor. 

I do quite a lot of teaching. Many years ago, I did several Suzuki violin teacher training courses, and taught at a wonderful community arts school in the Boston area for five years. In one of the texts I read for my studies, I was deeply struck by the recounting of a conversation between Dr. Shinichi Suzuki and the parent of one of his students. Parent: "You're so patient!" Dr. Suzuki: "No patience is required." I never thought I could experience that. I'm surprisingly impatient in some ways, and, most of all, with myself. However, I found that when I started teaching young children to play the violin - some from scratch, some who had been studying a while already - I came to experience this phenomenon. I know what it is like to learn to play an instrument. I know what is involved and how very difficult it is. Having had the experience multiple times, I found that I had great Compassion for my students as they plugged along. I was able to Lead them from a place of Compassion and they were able to grow. I greeted them with smiles, provided them with plenty of Structure, let them know they needed to apply their own Discipline, and tried to Love them through their struggles. But it all added up to a Compassionate Leadership experience from both sides of the table, and they grew and grew as young violinists. 

Today, may be be Compassionate in our Leadership. May we experience the Beauty in the Dignified selves we are building through these seven blessed weeks.

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