hazzan Diana Brewer was ordained through the aleph ordination program. she leads prayer services regularly at the jewish community of amherst, and is on the staff of the davvenen leadership training institute.

Day 39 נצח שביסוד

Netzach SheBeYesod. Eternity, Endurance, Day-to-Day within Foundation, Connection, Bonding.

As we'll recall, there is an aspect to Netzach that is about the Day-to-Day. In several past posts, I've gone into quite some detail about the Foundation upon which I build my life. There are many things I do Day-to-Day that keep my soul stitched together and contented in my daily living. 

What I want to say today, though, is about the literal translation of Netzach, which is Eternity. Yes, there are many things I do each day - Foundational practices, I've been calling them - but it all adds up to the fact that my real Foundation is in G8d, HaShem, the Source of All that Is, Ein Sof, the truly Eternal presence. In my Connection with G8d, I find safety, comfort, a sense of Bonding and Connection. Where else can I go when I have insomnia and nobody else is awake to talk to about it? Where else can I go when my child is melting down and I just have to ride it out, but need strength and creativity to get through it? Having G8d as my Foundation has been 100% reliable. Eternally available.

I'm aware that such a statement, even in a format which is explicitly dedicated to spiritual pursuits, might be uncomfortable for some readers. As I've clearly stated, I certainly do not think that anyone else needs to believe as I believe, practice as I practice. I don't even think everyone has to believe in G8d. It is simply my personal statement, boiling down the details of the doings I've described in previous writings, that enable me to maintain this Connection. It is how I relate to today's Omer theme. 

My hope for all who are reading this, for any who are seeking Foundation and Grounding, is that you have or may come to find a Source that is reliable, available, sustainable, whatever that looks like to you.

Today, let us explore our Foundations, the places where we get our Grounding, that provide us with Connection. Are they reliable? Are they sustainable? Will they Endure through whatever may come?

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